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The Good Boy Story...

Good Boy Bakery began with our desire to feed our dogs the healthiest and most nutritious food and snacks possible. We prepared homemade food for our boys and eventually, homemade treats. As Cathy’s treat inventory expanded, we decided to set up shop at some local Farmer’s Markets to sell our dog goodies. But before that materialized, we learned of an open shop space in Historic Roscoe Village in our town of Coshocton, Ohio. Because shops in the village do not often become available, we quickly made our decision to jump into the world of retail and open our doggie boutique now known as Good Boy Bakery.

As the name implies, we do bake dog treats…but over our first year we evolved into so much more. Our space in Roscoe Village is full of toys, collars, harnesses, greeting cards, gifts, clothes, nutritious chew and K9 wellness items along with delicious and wholesome treats. We stock popular brands such as Gooby Harnesses, Sojo treats and many others. Our mission is to offer our patrons the healthiest treats and the best quality dog-related items at a fair price. Simply put, we love dogs and we want to offer products that help maintain a happy, healthy life for all the pups we serve. It is important to mention that we do have a cat section in our store as well!

In addition, we are proud to be a partner with Coshocton County Animal Shelter & Humane Animal Treatment Association as we support their mission of finding forever homes for displaced animals in and around our community.

Visit us!

Good Boy Bakery
350 N. Whitewoman Street
Coshocton Ohio (Roscoe Village)

Store Hours 

Wednesday...10am – 5pm
Thursday…10am – 5pm
Friday…10am – 5pm
Saturday…10am – 5pm
Sunday…10am – 4pm
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